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Room usage plans

  • Podcasting (Voice / Video)
  • Lightboard Recordings (Voice / Video)
  • Music Recording (Instruments / Voice / Video)
  • Mastering
  • Modularsynthesebetrieb
  • Akkustische Experimente mit Eigenbauinstrumenten
  • Abrocken ohne dass wer genervt ist!!

Room Setup

Room layout We have two rooms, divided by a accoustically dampened, windowed, double stone wall that has a double door.

The rooms have no outside windows and are accessible via entry in the Weltenbaulab.

There is space for around 5 (convenient) to 10 (stressful) people, we have some lendable chairs in the Weltenbaulab.

The recording room sports some basic (not altogether inefficient) dampening measures, nothing sofisticated, though.


We have the following studio equipment ready:

  • two Alesis Monitors
  • a 28(?) Channel Yamaha Console
  • a Quad Core Machine with Bitwig Studio on a Debian Sid with three Displays
  • a Delta 4/4 soundcard (4 Inputs and 4 Outputs) sporting 24bits at 96KHz

There is tons of other (partially private) Equipment like Keyboards, Guitars, a Drumkit, Controllers, analog and digital modules, etc.

Details: Regarding the walls

The outer (white) walls may NEVER ever be damaged. Drilling or nailing them is completely out of the question. Anyone doing so, risks Poseidons wrath. You don't want that.

  • How to mount stuff in the ceiling (steel bars have SOME holes)??

Questions answered by Trocknungsfirma:

  • We can use any mineral paint on the new walls.
  • Ventilation: mhm, wie Grenouille schon gesagt hat, wenns drinnen wärmer is als draussen → LÜFTEN, sonst nich.
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