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Twisting knobs for space travel and fun!

drehen /dreːən/

span; to revolve; to roll; to rotate; to turn; to twiddle; to twirl; to twist; to veer; to wangle; to wind {wound, wound}; to spin {spun, spun}

commando /kɔmãdo/

Abteilung <f>; Detachement

What's this?

We meet up to make music on the fly. Preferred devices: non-computer gadgets that can produce sound. The volume is fixed to “low”, so discussions and learning can take place during the session, which starts at midday (not too late!) and is open ended.

A recording should be made, so participants have something to take home, in theory we can even live broadcast the sessions.

We try to provide common facilities (Mixer, Midi clock, etc) for everyone, but be wary as technology may limit connectability - so bring your own special adaptors if you need them.

Always make sure your equipment is marked before the event!


  1. Sunday 24th January 2016: Riot's b-day DrehCommando
  2. Sunday 21st February 2016: TBA
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