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Chaos Communication Congress 2015

In this area we collect ideas for a audio assembly at the cccongress. The idea for this was formed at the cccamp 2015 because we all where a bit disappointed because the audio village was not as big as we wished.

The Idea was to have a few workshops, and also plan some jam sessions. For one of the workshops we also want to create a small PCB with a few low-fi oscilators. Maybe based on Atari Punk Console (556) or the chaos nand (4093).


  • woodworker (at) c-base
  • riot (at) c-base
  • dave (at) c-base

Workshop Ideas

  • Pure Data (talk to the pure data people at c-base)
  • JACK Audio
  • Linux DAW's
  • Web Audio
  • … (add more ideas)

Room equipment

here we collect lists what equipment we would like to have in the audio area/room

:!: = confirmed :?: = no source yet


  • Analog Modular Synths
  • Korg Monotrons (Normal, Duo, Delay) :!:
  • Korg Kaossilator 2 :!:
  • Doepfer MS-404
  • Arturia Microbrute :!:
  • Arturia Beatstep :!:
  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-14 Sub :!:
  • Novation Drumstation
  • Atari Punk Console :!:
  • Chaos NAND Synth :!:
  • ehx Distortion Stompbox
  • ehx Delay Stompbox
  • Korg MS20-Mini
  • Octatrack
  • ehx RingThing
  • Microgranny 2
  • styrmon BlueSky

Audio equipment

  • Monitors (Speakers)
  • PA
  • Multiple Mixer (the more channels the better)
  • Recording PC


  • Tables / Chairs
  • Soldering Irons for the Workshop (maybe move this workshop to another assembly)
  • Lights
  • maybe some DMX lighting
  • headphones?
  • Streaming of the audio content that is arriving at the PA?
  • recording and putting everything under CC license?
  • lockable storage room as most of the equipment has a high to very high EUR/cm³ value (read: small enough to fit in [small] bags and very expensive)

Room decoration

We should think about a cool and music related maybe also modular synth related decoration for this room.

Deco ideas

  • sound sensible led lights
  • beanbags to chill
  • if we have parts of the silk road in our room we should decorate this as big sound cables
    • if we know that we have silk road in our area i talk to ijon if he is willing to assist me at the thermoforming table to create large audio jack molds
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