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Please always make sure you do not destroy cables by getting them stuck betwen the system and its cover! This is especially important for the midi cables. The front covers have small sawed out notches to keep the MIDI cable safe from crushing.

If you have any questions about the procedures, ask riot


  • Park the movable walls somewhere
  • Make sure, the caroussell can rotate freely
  • Plug in the power plug
  • Uncover all the systems - repeat for each system
    • start by pulling them out (slightly ~5cm) and opening the locks on either side
    • Take off the cover
    • Make sure the latches are in the backward position (towards the center) and don't stick out
    • Slide the system back in, making sure the handle on top is flat
    • They can't really fall out if you only try to pull the top half as they're secured with a steel wire
  • Connect and adjust systems - repeat for each system
    • Turn down volume on the outputs (right bottom edge)
    • Plug in both XLR connectors (right bottom edge)
    • Make sure the MIDI connector is attached (should never be unattached)
    • Test sound by connecting a VCO to the output, be careful with increasing the volume


  • Shutdown of systems (repeat for each system)
    • Unplug all the patch cables and store them in the hangers to the left or right
    • Lower volumes on output (right bottom edge) to zero
    • Unplug XLR cables and put them into the crevice right next to the system
    • Grab the front cover and orient the MIDI cable notch to the lower left
    • Pull out top of the system (5 cm)
    • Pull latches to the front
    • With one hand holding the system, attach the front plate - MAKE SURE THE MIDI CABLE IS FITTING IN THE NOTCH and is not destroyed
    • Close latches
    • Push back system
  • Make sure the patch cables are “balanced” in amount throughout the hangers (none too full or too empty)
  • Unplug power plug
  • Replace movable walls

MIDI Clock & Input

If you need a midi clock on the caroussell, there is a sequencer/wireless MIDI 19“ rack below the caroussell. To make it work and send a MIDI clock signal to the caroussell you will need to do the following:

  • Plugin power plug from sequencer rack
  • Power on Manikin Schrittmacher by pressing the top left button below the LCD panel (Power)
  • Hit play for a simple clock or go wild with the device. Please do not modify stored presets without asking first

If you want to supply your own clock/MIDI signal:

  • disconnect the Manikin Schrittmacher from the MIDI merger (or just stop it)
  • connect your MIDI source to the MIDI merger
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