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Additional LDAP fields

It is possible to add some fields to your ldap entry or change the ones you already have. You don't have the rights to change every field but you will get errors if you try something nasty, so just try what is possible. ;)

  • exchange bernd with your crew name
  1. ssh into BND with your c-base credentials (works only from c-base crew network or vpn)
  2. edit your ldap entry with the following command. It will ask for your password and start a vi editor with your ldap entry. Save your changes and commit them with “y”.
    $ ldapvi -ZZ --bind simple -D uid=bernd,ou=crew,dc=c-base,dc=org -b ou=crew,dc=c-base,dc=org uid=bernd
  3. connect to and check if everything works with:
    $ get_member_info bernd
  4. the output should look like this:
                 dn: uid=bernd,ou=crew,dc=c-base,dc=org
                 cn: le Bernd
                uid: bernd
          uidNumber: 2342
      homeDirectory: /home/bernd
       wlanPresence: TRUE
         macAddress: 00:11:22:33:44:55
              nrf24: 0
          homePhone: +4912345678900
             mobile: +4912345678900
            species: unknown
    createTimestamp: 19700101000000Z
           memberOf: crew
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