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WS2812 / WS2811

  • addressable RGB/White/RGBW led driver
  • libraries for almost every micro controller platform out there

APA102 (aka Dotstar)

  • also known as “DotStar”
  • RGB or White or RGBW LEDs that are single addressable like WS2812 or WS2811
  • they have a separate clock line, so not super timing critical, can be run from SPI


  • Super cheap WIFI
  • Search for “esp8266-01” for the most simple board
    • be aware needs more power then most USB-to-Serial converter can deliver (up to 400mA)
  • Search for “nodemcu v3” for easy usable solution
    • has a usb port and enough power to drive the chip without problems
  • if you want to use it with an Arduino that is 5V, you need to use “levelshifter” to convert the 5V logic of the arduino to the 3.3V logic of the ESP8266


  • 16 keys Capacitive touch sensor
  • I2C


  • 12 keys Capacitive touch sensor
  • I2C
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