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The most up to date and really current issue tracking system

As we know of. It has been founded on 62nd day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3181. You can find it somewhere around here

Another revolution has happend! The content below is totally obsolete even by obsolete standards.

Proceed only at risk of your own obsoloscence:

This is superfluous content, as we track todo items at githubel. ==== General ==== * Get more todos on this todolist.. * Fulfill the budget by buying the rest * Get a cover for the mixer!!!!!1!! It is DUSTY..! ==== Computers ==== * Get second machine running (We'll get a new PSU for it soon) * Attach ALL the screens (multiply) * <del>Get rid of the superfluous 19“ cage (unscrew and store the mounting parts in there)

  • Add websecurity stuff (noscript, privacy badger, etc) to workstation
  • ………!!!</del>
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