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 +=== Planung: Escaping the Escapepod === 
 +Help, i'm in an escapepod - and i need to evacuate!
 +  $ cat
 +  for item in escapepod:
 +      Sichtung(item)
 +      code = Inventarisierung(item,​ db)
 +      Bestickerung(item,​ code)
 +      ort = Lagerortbestimmung(item,​ (soundlab, vjpult, excase, seminarraum,​ c-lab))
 +      R├╝cktransport(item,​ ort)
 +      missing = (item, cost)
 +=== Labels ===
 +Coloured labels (red, yellow, white) that indicate ownership, usage rights etc.
 +They should be made with CBAG3 - c-base'​ artefact guide system, here you can add devices:
 +  * https://​​artefact/​new
 +It will generate a working qr code and a description entry, as well as an attachable picture space.
 +Links will look like this:
 +  * https://​​artefact/​911alternativversion
 +Printed stickers should have (next to the QR code) fields:
 +  * Artefact Name (for non qr code capable users)
 +  * Owner
 +Sticker colors:
 +This is mostly for more expensive instruments etc.
 +  * Red: Private - ask for permission and get an introduction prior usage
 +  * Yellow: Private, Can use, but don't remove
 +  * White: c-base/​soundlab property
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