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 The content of the current participant folder (updated by running a __grunt createMarkup__ command in c-flo) The content of the current participant folder (updated by running a __grunt createMarkup__ command in c-flo)
 ^ artifact ^ description ^ inports topic ^ outports topic^ ​ ^ artifact ^ description ^ inports topic ^ outports topic^ ​
-|ampel-nerd |pedestrian traffic light in front of the door to nerdarea|**colors**: ampel/nerd| n/+|barstatus |c-base bar status switchn/a |**state**: bar/state \\ **stateful**:​ bar/stateful \\ **status**: bar/status
-|barstatus-bar ​|c-base ​bar status sign at the bar|**barstatus**: bar/statusn/+|c-base/BigSwitch |IP-Lounge big switch|**led**: button/bigswitch/​led \\ **colors**: button/​bigswitch/​colors|**state**: button/bigswitch/​on
-|barstatus-c-lab |c-base bar status sign in the c-lab|**barstatus**: bar/status| n/a | +|c-base/​buttonpanel ​|Ignition button|**led**: ​c-boom/led \\ **vibra**: ​c-boom/vibra|**ignition**: c-boom/​ignition \\ **start**: c-boom/start
-|barstatus-nerd |c-base bar status sign in the nerd area|**barstatus**: bar/status| n/a +|[[https://​​c-base/​c_out|c_out]] |Generate sounds| n/a |**playsound**:​ c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**:​ c_out/loop \\ **saytext**:​ c_out/​announce \\ **saytext_en**:​ c_out/​announce_en| 
-|[[https://​​c-base/​c-beam|c-beam]] |c-base ​on-board computer| n/a |**userboarding**: user/​boarding \\ **usereta**: user/eta \\ **playsound**: c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**: c_out/loop \\ **saytext**: c_out/Julia \\ **openurl1**: nerdctrl/open \\ **openurl2**: siri/​open ​\\ **time**: info/​time ​\\ **barstatus**: bar/status+|c-base/c-beam-viewer |Show URL on a public screen.|**open**:​ #​ROLE/​open|**opened**:​ #​ROLE/​opened| 
-|c_leuse ​|c-base ​airlock|**playsound**: c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**: c_out/loop \\ **saytext**: c_out/Julia| n/a | +|crew |station crew register| n/a |**boarding**: user/​boarding \\ **leaving**: user/leaving ​\\ **crew**: c-base/crew \\ **members**: c-base/crew/​members ​\\ **passive**: c-base/crew/passive ​\\ **updated**: c-base/crew/​last_update| 
-|he1 |c-base siri data rescue probe|**openurl**: he1/openn/a +|ingress-table/​data |Ingress data fetching for the Ingress Table|**fetch**:​ ingress-data.FETCH ​\\ **poll**: ingress-data.POLL|**floor**:​ ingress-data.FLOOR ​\\ **light**: ingress-data.LIGHT ​\\ **streets**: ingress-data.STREETS
-|[[https://​​c-base/​ingress-table|ingress-table]] |Ingress Table| n/a |**cbase**: ingress/​status/​+| +|c-base/dmx |station light control|**set_channels**: dmx-mainhall/state|**fixtures**:​ dmx-mainhall/​fixtures ​\\ **channels**: dmx-mainhall/current_state ​\\ **automode**: dmx-mainhall/automode| 
-|mechblast |c-base workshop blaster|**playsound**: c_out/​play ​\\ **playrandomsound**: c_out/​loop ​\\ **saytext**: c_out/Julia| n/a | +|echelon |station network traffic monitoring| n/a |**traffic**:​ system/​echelon/​traffic| 
-|nerdctrl |c-base nerd control interface|**openurl**:​ nerdctrl/​open ​\\ **playsound**:​ c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**:​ c_out/loop \\ **saytext**:​ c_out/Julia|**openurl**: nerdctrl/open+|msgflo-browser/​infodisplay |Show URL on a public screen.|**open**: #ROLE.OPEN \\ **urls**: #ROLE.URLS|**opened**: #​ROLE.OPENED
-|siri |c-base siri data rescue probe|**openurl**: siri/open \\ **playsound**: c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**: c_out/loop \\ **saytext**: c_out/Julia|**openurl**: siri/open|+|[[https://​​c-base/​ingress-table|ingress-portal]] |Portal status via Ingress Table| n/a |**status**: ingress/​status/​+| 
 +|ingress-table/​lights |Drive the lights on the table|**streets**: ingress-lights.STREETS ​\\ **floor**: ingress-lights.FLOOR ​\\ **light**: ingress-lights.LIGHT \\ **animate**:​ ingress-lights.ANIMATE|**shown**:​ ingress-lights.SHOWN| 
 +|c-base/mqttwebview |Show URL on a public screen.|**open**:​ #​ROLE/​open|**opened**:​ #​ROLE/​opened| 
 +|c-base/​music-player |c-base music player| n/a |**current_song**:​ megablast/​current_song
 +|nerdctrl |c-base nerd control interface| n/a |**openurl**:​ nerdctrl/​open
 +|panel |Color LED panel|**palette**:​ panel/#​ROLE| n/a | 
 +|pedestrianlight |pedestrian traffic light|**colors**:​ ampel/#​ROLE| n/a | 
 +|playsound |Play sounds|**playsound**:​ c_out/play \\ **playrandomsound**:​ c_out/loop \\ **saytext**:​ c_out/announce \\ **saytext_en**: c_out/announce_en| n/a 
 +|powermon ​|station power usage monitoring| n/a |**out**: system/powermon ​\\ **load**: system/powermon/​load ​\\ **counter**: system/powermon/​counter ​\\ **updated**: system/powermon/​last_update| 
 +|station-announcer/​StationAnnouncer |Generate random station announcements at given propability|**announce**: station-announcer.ANNOUNCE \\ **probability**:​ station-announcer.PROBABILITY \\ **in**: station-announcer.IN|**out**:​ station-announcer.OUT \\ **skipped**:​ station-announcer.SKIPPED| 
 +|statuslight |bar status light indicating openness|**barstatus**:​ bar/stateful| n/a | 
 +|time |c-base station time| n/a |**time**: info/​time| 
 +|Vacuum |station vacuum cleaner| n/a |**on**: c-base/​vacuum/​on|
 Currently there are the following topics: Currently there are the following topics:
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