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   * Unplug power plug   * Unplug power plug
   * Replace movable walls   * Replace movable walls
 +====== MIDI Clock & Input =======
 +If you need a midi clock on the caroussell, there is a sequencer/​wireless MIDI 19" rack below the caroussell.
 +To make it work and send a MIDI clock signal to the caroussell you will need to do the following:
 +  * Plugin power plug from sequencer rack
 +  * Power on Manikin Schrittmacher by pressing the top left button below the LCD panel (Power)
 +  * Hit play for a simple clock or go wild with the device. Please do not modify stored presets without asking first
 +If you want to supply your own clock/MIDI signal:
 +  * disconnect the Manikin Schrittmacher from the MIDI merger (or just stop it) 
 +  * connect your MIDI source to the MIDI merger
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