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  Fade for c-info wall at c-base.
  Works with TI's connected launchpad and the IDE.

// Apparently the preprocessor variables B0 and B1 are already taken.
// Therefore we use the prefix CBASE

#define CBASER0 PM_3
#define CBASEG0 PD_1
#define CBASEB0 PD_0

#define CBASER1 PL_4
#define CBASEG1 PL_5
#define CBASEB1 PM_1

#define CBASER2 PM_7
#define CBASEG2 PA_7
#define CBASEB2 PM_6

int brightness = 50;    // how bright the LED is
int fadeAmount = 1;    // how many points to fade the LED by

void setup()  { 
  pinMode(CBASER0, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEG0, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEB0, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASER1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEG1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEB1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASER2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEG2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CBASEB2, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  if (brightness < 90) {
    fadeAmount = 1;
  if (brightness >= 255) {
    fadeAmount = -1;
  // There was some problem with the upper-most LED stripe.
  // That is why we just set this one to full brightness forever.
  analogWrite(CBASER0, 255);
  analogWrite(CBASEG0, 255);
  analogWrite(CBASEB0, 255);
  // The rest of the wall is pulsing.
  analogWrite(CBASER1, brightness);
  analogWrite(CBASEG1, brightness);
  analogWrite(CBASEB1, brightness);
  analogWrite(CBASER2, brightness);
  analogWrite(CBASEG2, brightness);
  analogWrite(CBASEB2, brightness);
  brightness = brightness + fadeAmount;
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