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 +Zertifikat runterladen
 +<code bash>
 +wget -O /​etc/​ssl/​certs/​ https://​​certs/​root.crt
 Create a file **/​etc/​netctl/​c-base-crew-5ghz.conf** with this content (change $crewname and $password to your crew name and password): Create a file **/​etc/​netctl/​c-base-crew-5ghz.conf** with this content (change $crewname and $password to your crew name and password):
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 Enable the profile with: Enable the profile with:
-  netctl enable c-base-crew+  netctl enable c-base-crew-5ghz
 And start it with: And start it with:
-  netctl switch-to c-base-crew+  netctl switch-to c-base-crew-5ghz
-To use the 2GHz network remove **-5ghz** to the network and filename.+To use the 2.4GHz ​network remove **-5ghz** to the network and filename.
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